BELLA REY salon -
After an AMAZING 5 year run, it was time for everyone to move on to bigger things.....mainly being their OWN businesses! We all could not be more proud of what we built at our 3300 Brotherton location, friendships and businesses alike. 

With that being said, if you are looking for your stylist their contact information is listed below. They cannot wait to see you in their new location! 

Amanda Fitzpatrick 513.289.9039
Ryan Johnson 513.259.1798
Allison Cole 513.659.0748
Megan Ruess 419.371.4937
Stephanie Rae Inman 316.5138
Kelly Fenske 513.257.1357
Nicole Helton 513.628.0257
Sara Schalk 513.702.9154
Tina Hardman 513.257.1310
Brittany Hamilton 937.776.2911

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